Online Registration for Fall is closed, please register at one of our sessions on Saturday


Fall 2018 we will be at the Concord-Carlisle High School, room 241 (Library) or 248, Saturdays, 3pm-6pm:

  • Click here to register for Sept 15-Dec 15.  You will need to:
    1. create a FamilyID account
    2. search for “Concord-Carlisle High School”
    3. click on “CCRSD Athletics Registration Fall 2018”
    4. scroll down and among the sports, click “Chess”
    5. below where you clicked “Chess” there is a long form to fill out and instructions for payment.  It’s a shared form with sports and for chess, concussion training is not necessary and you can say “yes” to all the concussion training just to get through the forms
    6. ADULTS: You will register separately, and at no cost!  Please contact for further info
  • No chess Oct 6, Nov 10, Nov 24 for holidays
  • No chess the day before our tournament (Oct 13th likely)