Sorry, we are currently inactive.  Perhaps we will restart in the future.

When and Where:

  • Saturdays 3pm-5pm, starting September 17, 2022
  • Fowler Library, 1322 Main St, Concord, MA 01742, (978) 318-3350
  • Registration:  Email info@concordcarlislechess.org.  If you don’t get a response within a day, just come by or call the library for a better email address.
  • Just want to check us out but not register yet?  Just drop by.

Who participates?

Intermediate and Advanced players (at the moment).  High school students, middle school students, adults and some passionate elementary school students.  Anyone is welcome who loves chess and wants to play for fun with an opportunity to improve.  We are a parent/adult/library run organization open to residents in Concord and the surrounding communities.  

What are our meetings like?

We spend most of the time playing each other, and some of it with instruction from our chess master, Vadim Martirosov.  Vadim also works one-on-one with each member for some personal instruction.

For those interested, we will coordinate participation in regional scholastic tournaments. We host our own tournaments as well.

Do I need to come for all 2 hours? What if the time doesn’t work for me?

Everyone has competing schedules and a number of our members come for only part of the time (especially because of soccer).  If you can’t come at all, let us know a better time.  You can influence our time block next semester.  Email info@concordcarlislechess.org

Can I see what it is like before joining?

Absolutely.  Everyone is welcome to join us for a Saturday or two each semester before joining.  On joining there is a fee to help pay for our chess master.   We want to encourage community participation.

Do beginners participate?

While some of our members are advanced, we do have beginners from 5th-12th grade who already know the rules but haven’t learned tactics and strategy.  They learn quickly.

We generally encourage elementary aged kids to join the 1 hour chess programs at their elementary schools to learn the basics, and then come to us when they love chess enough to want more than 1 hour a week.  An exception to this is is when an member brings their younger sibling or a friend and helps them along.  Whole families are welcome.

For more information

Contact a member: info@concordcarlislechess.org (need to fix this broken email)